We can create a new website from the ground up or revamp an existing site. Our initial consultation with you is free. The web design and web development process typically includes the following steps:

1: Consultation
First, we discuss your objectives and needs. We'll define the elements your website should consist of. Next, we review any existing text and graphics you have and would like to use.
2: Scope
We then determine the number of web pages, graphics, and whether you need hosting. Based on our understanding of your requirements, we will prepare a written price estimate so that you know the cost in advance. At this point, you should register your domain name if you have not already done so or let us know if you want us to register a domain name for you.
3: Draft
Here, we design at least three samples of your home page. You can choose one of these for your site or tell us what you want to change. This is the most important step because if you are satisfied with the look and feel, we can get started with the rest of the process. When you have approved the draft, the production of your site will begin.
4: Production
We now do the actual web development, including structure, web page layout, content, and graphics.  Generally you will supply the copy and photos for the project, and you should proof all material before submitting it to us. If you want us to shoot photos for you, that can also be arranged.  We can also provide work-in-progress sites allowing you to follow the production process.  After a draft version of your website is completed, it will be available for your review. At this point, you tell us what changes are needed and we can incorporate them.
5: Testing
After the website has passed your final approval, it will be optimized for quick downloading and tested to make sure it displays correctly in different browsers, at different monitor resolutions, and that the pages print correctly. We can also provide search engine optimization at this point to ensure the search engines can find your website most effectively.
6: Approval
After the site is completed but before it is published, you will have an opportunity to review it, make revisions, and approve the completed alterations.
7: Publishing
After the final version of your website is completed, tested and approved, it will be uploaded to a web server and retested.  The site will be available to viewers immediately after the data is moved to your domain and will appear in search engine listings one to six weeks after submission.
8: Maintenance
Maintain your website (optional). A website must be kept up-to-date to keep your clients coming back.

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